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Restoration of Nallah with Ecological Units (RENEU)

Open nallahs carry wastewater from households and discharge it to nearby water bodies and thereby polluting it. Treatment of nallah wastewater is necessary before discharge. However, availability of land space for installation of wastewater treatment units are always critical. Therefore, in-situ treatment technologies like RENEU can be an option for treating wastewater without requirement of extra space. RENEU (REstoration of Nallah with Ecological Units) technology has been developed under CSIR-NEERI to treat these nallahs by employing physical and biological operations in the aerobic and facultative environment to degrade sewage. EMERGY Enviro Private Limited owns exclusive license of RENEU technology awarded by CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur. EMERGY works in design and implementation of RENEU across India. Currently, RENEU has been successfully treating multiple nallahs discharging wastewater in River Ganga under Namami Gange project.


  • Clean and green environment
  • Reduction in water pollution
  • Low capital cost and O & M cost
  • No need of extra land space
  • Aesthetical edge with other technologies
  • No odour
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