EMERGY Enviro Pvt. Ltd, a SINE-IIT Bombay company, is established with sole aim of providing environmental solutions through its high quality tailored services and innovative products. Since its inception, EEPL has been providing solutions and guiding industries, government organizations and others on environmental issues.


Air Environment service provider company in Maharashtra
Air Environment
Solid Waste Management
Solid Waste Management
Environmental Service Provider company in Maharashtra
Environmental Assessment
Wastewater Environment Service Provider company in Maharashtra
Water and Wastewater Environment
water body rejuvenation and revival
Natural Water Body and Nallah Rejuvenation
Environmental Load Carrying Capacity
Environmental Load Carrying Capacity
Noise Environment Solution provider company in Maharashtra
Noise Environment


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Since its inception, EMERGY Enviro Pvt. Ltd (SINE-IIT Bombay Company) is associated with the most renowned and trustworthy names of India. We have a long association with IIT Bombay and own exclusive right of its IP-Integrated Wetland Technology (IWT) based green STP. We are also associated with CSIR-NEERI and have the exclusive rights of their innovative technology, RENEU (Restoration of Nallah with Ecological Units) which is an in-situ nallah treatment technology to rejuvenate the drains and natural water body. Our global associate partner is Jeonjin Entech Ltd., Republic of Korea, and this partnership aims to boost the research and development activities in the area of Bio-HCNG.

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

National Environmental Engineering Research Institute

Jeonjin Entech Ltd



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