" Repair, Renovate and Restore: Step by Step and Drop by Drop .

Natural Water Body and Nallah Rejuvenation

Since past, the natural water bodies like lakes and ponds were called the lifelines of a community as they were an important source for drinking water, absorbing flood water and act as groundwater recharge conduit. But with mushrooming population and industrialization, the water bodies are in threatening conditions as they have become sink to solid wastes, domestic sewage, industrial effluent etc. Nallahs, the stormwater carrying drains which joins the river have now become the sink to sewage. To reform these waterbodies whilst create a beautiful milieu, Natural Water Body and Nallah Rejuvenation has become the need of the hour. We at EMERGY, deliver you an amalgamation of different treatment units which efficiently controls the pollution loads into the water bodies to revive, rejuvenate and beautify them.