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SG septic tank solution provider company in Maharashtra

NG-Sepclean (Next Generation Septic Tank)

Septic tank is a basic requirement of every household. However, not all locations are suitable for conventional septic systems. These reasons include lack of space for a drain field, high water table, proximity to wells and/or other bodies of water, inadequate percolation rates etc.
NG-SEPCLEAN or the Next-generation septic tank is a breakthrough in septic tank design that has come after 30 years of formulation of BIS code, 1985 (septic tank design). The system has 30-35% improved performance (TSS removal) than the conventional systems. NG-SEPCLEAN has been enlisted in the innovative product list of Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation website. It has application in rural areas, urban societies, slums, households, coastal zone, hilly region, flat terrain, commercial buildings, schools, construction sites etc.

  • Low Footprint
  • Reuse Treated Wastewater
  • Longer Cleaning Frequency
  • Solid Removal Efficiency (85%)
  • Organic Removal Efficiency (85%)
  • High Rate of Digestion
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